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Hearing aids

What are Hearing aids?

Hearing aids are sophisticated yet simple battery-operated electronic devices which function to make the sounds in the environment louder. The hearing aids come in different shapes, sizes, and technologies, etc.

Types Of Hearing aids

Analog Hearing aids

They Convert sound signals into digital signals, which are processed by a tiny computer inside the hearing aid and converted back to sound signals after amplification.

They provide too much of amplification for loud sound and too litte amplification for soft sounds.

Analog hearing aids cannot discriminate between speech and unwanted noise. henece they amplify everything.

One's own voice sounds uncomfortable. especially for children and elderly.

An analog hearing aids is made up of several electronic componenets, hence is prone to frequent repairs.

Mobile phones are not compatible with analog hearing aids and always produce a disturbing buzz sound.

Digital Hearing aids

They convert sounds digital signals (data) that are processed precisely by a tiny computer to sound.

They provide just enough amplification so that soft. Normal and loud sounds are clear & Comfortable.

They suppress background noise so that speech is easier to listen to and understand, especially in noisy environments.

They are power efficient thus battries last longer.

One's own voice sounds better & comfortable. in case of children this help improve speech quality.

Digital hearing aids are reliable and less prone to wear and tear.

Conversing on mobile phones is easier and clear with digital hearing aids. Some can even directly pairs with your mobile devices.

Hearing aids come in different shapes and sizes

Latest Advancements in Hearing aids

Rechargeability One of the most demanded features since years, and rightly so considering the hassle it was to carry, replace and take care of disposable batteries. It was also the rise of rechargeable wireless earphones in the market which pushed the initiative. Now all major brands provide hearing aids of different styles with the option of rechargeability.

Wireless Connectivity Another one of the useful features which are a demand of the times we live in, is Bluetooth and/or Wireless connectivity to the digital world around us. Now the hearing aids wearers can seamlessly connect their hearing aids to their smartphones, laptops, TVs, etc. Either directly or with accessories to aids the connection.

The client can perform the following when connected wirelessly to different devices.

  • Media Streaming – while connected to your smartphone and/or laptop, the user can directly stream the media being played on the device into the client’s ears.
  • Handsfree Communication – The user can pick up, reject, and converse on an incoming call directly through the hearing aids, handsfree.
  • Personalised Configuration– Through the hearing aids’s application on the phone, the user can personalise their hearing experience according to the need of the situation. The user can check battery percentage (rechargeable only), increase/decrease their volume, adjust sound quality, etc.

Remote Adjustment – Another feature which is the demand of scenarios like the COVID-19 Pandemic was remote adjustment of the hearing instrument. This enables the Audiologist to fine tune and adjust the hearing aids of the user according to the issues faced by the user at the comfort of their homes with their smartphone application.

Find my Hearing aids – With the discreteness and comfort, came some cases of elderly and children losing their hearing aids. Now the users can track their hearing aids last known location to find aids in finding their hearing aids.

Ear-to-Ear Connectivity – Our Ears are naturally connected to each other via the anatomy and nerves, but the hearing aids users often face difficulties in challenging situations such as speech in noise. Ear-to-ear connectivity allows the hearing aids to transfer data regarding the environment and the sounds present in it to be able to best identify the sound of interest and focus on that, rather than having speech and noise having equal emphasis. Another use of ear-to-ear communication is alerts when a hearing aids crosses the radius of connectivity thus, alerting the user of the hearing aids being dropped.

Tinnitus Management Tinnitus is one of the most common complaints of hearing-impairsed individuals, and its management with a tinnitus masker with the hearing aids is a great invention and a relief for individuals with bothersome tinnitus.

Assistive Listening Devices and Accessories

Hearing aids alone are not always capable of handling everydifficult to hear situation and/or the difference in technology may cause some connectivity issues.

Some of the commonly available Accessories are:

Phone Connector – This is an accessory used to connect mobile phones to the hearing aids. This is used for phones and/or hearing aids which do not have direct streaming available.

TV Connector – This accessory is used to connect the audio output of the TV to a connector which then transmits the signal to the hearing aids.

Remote Control –This Accessory is used to control the basic functions and sound properties of the hearing aids for patients who do not have compatible mobile phones. One can change volume, change the program, etc.

Table Microphone system – This accessory is used primarily by people who attend situations like a board meeting wherein, they need to catch voices from all around the table.

Remote Microphone – This accessory is for users who wish to listen to a speaker either far away or in a difficult situation like a noisy hall. It must be carried by the speaker or clipped to their dress for best SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio).

Combination Accessories – These are special and advanced accessories which are a combination of different accessories. Their mode can be changed for the desired usage and work as a complete solution.

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